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How to set up a WikiLeaks mirror on your web server

A call goes out to those who believe that man was meant to know and think and do for himself rather than submit to corrupt authority that demands the right to decide our fates in secret: If you have a Linux/UNIX server and a gigabyte* or so of space, now you can help.

WikiLeaks logo in rear-view mirror

“At last we’ve put WikiLeaks in our rear-view mirror.”
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Read this page** to see how.

Note: As of my return to this page, on 26 June 2011, I encountered a “503 Service Unavailable” error. Upon another return visit (24 January 2012), the page was undergoing maintenance and its status could not be verified.


As of 2 May 2015, all visits to this page return 404 Not Found errors. However, I was able to find a tutorial explaining how to set up a WikiLeaks mirror. The tutorial comes with code and looks fairly thorough, but I cannot test it on my site because I don't have access to enough server space.

As you may have seen, the WikiLeaks “insurance file,” which at the time this page was first published was about one gigabyte, has become six files, the largest weighing in at over 325GB. And since mirroring means opening your site to additional files over time, it is impossible to predict how much server space they are ultimately likely to require.

If, after reading the above, you find you have ample server space, and want to protect WikiLeaks from future cyberattacks, you should try out the tutorial. And please let me know how it turns out, so I can correct this page if need be. To reach me, click here.

**Originally published as a review of a WikiLeaks invitation to site operators to mirror the leaks site. The page is no longer available; see above.

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