Last modified: 7:58 AM Saturday, 14 January 2017

Hall of mirrors?

Under siege from governmental and corporate cyberthugs, WikiLeaks calls to its defense all who love liberty more than corrupt authority. On this page we find some of those defenders, who by making space on their websites available to mirror WikiLeaks have made of it an unvanquishable hydra.

A hydra: WikiLeaks as seen by neocons.

WikiLeaks as seen by those who believe government should operate in secret.
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Let the slaves of the iniquitous elite do what they will: Never will they succeed in hewing off all of its self-replicating heads.

Originally published as a review of WikiLeaks’ mirrors page. Update: As of 2 May 2015, this page returns a 404 Not Found error. I do not know if this condition is temporary or permanent.

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