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Hall of infamy

Public figures suborn murder of Julian Assange

Haven’t we learned from what happened in Tucson, Arizona? Haven’t we understood yet that, if enough pundits and politicians advocate violence, sooner or later someone will take them up on it? It’s time to make stochastic terrorism a felony, punishable as conspiracy to commit whatever act results from it. If, when a public figure with significant access to mass media indulges in a frothing public rage directed at any person or group of persons and broadcast to an audience tending toward emotional instability, a person in that audience acts on a responsive rage and injures or kills someone, the public figure must be regarded as culpable and prosecuted accordingly.

Neoconservative pundits would like to gag Assange permanently.

The long silence: Some neocon pundits would like nothing better than to gag WikiLeaks and Julian Assange ... terminally.
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This page* introduces, one at a time, the public figures who have so far advocated killing or “disappearing” Julian Assange. I propose this: If something of the kind does happen, each person appearing on this page should be investigated as an accessory. If it should become evident that the criminal acted, wholly or in part, in accordance with his or her suggestions, that public figure should suffer whatever penalty his country imposes for the crime — precisely as if he or she had personally committed it.

If that means capital punishment ... well, let’s just say it wouldn’t bother me to see Thomas Flanagan slowly and very deliberately asphyxiated with hydrogen cyanide, soiling himself in unspeakable excruciation and meeting death with a rictus of agony as all the oxygen in his cells is gradually replaced by poison.

Oh. Did I say that out loud? Oops. Guess I’m feeling “manly,” right, Tom?


Actually, it would bother me, since I oppose capital punishment for moral reasons; the preceding was meant only for rhetorical effect. But I do think that if you suggest an assassination and someone takes you up on it, a long prison term is in order.

*Originally published as a review of an article on pundits urging crimes against Julian Assange. Update: As of 2 May 2015, this site is no longer available.

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