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The vital question

December 14, 2010, found Christine Assange, mother to the WikiLeaks editor-in-chief, in the UK to visit her son in London where he was held for extradition to Sweden. Speaking to her hometown paper as quoted in this article*, “Mrs. Assange said the Australian government needed to do more to help her son.

Christine Assange

Christine Assange: Where are Australia’s priorities?
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“‘There’s Julia Gillard opening for Oprah ... and my Julian is sitting here in prison,’ she said.

“‘Is it more important to suck up to the Yanks than to look after your own people?’”

The answer, in a word, is “Yes.” Mrs. Assange, being who she is, must surely know by now what she implies but does not state: Virtually all the national ruling elites of the world are in essence one elite; and all the metanational corporations that so dominate our lives and all the governments that make law of the corporations’ whims are part of that elite; they recognize as enemies not one another but, in principle and often in practice, their own people.

It is precisely because the elites fear the consequences of an awakening of the populaces under them that they would have us kept in ignorance. This is why Mrs. Assange’s son is in Sweden today awaiting trial for a crime that wasn’t a crime when he was alleged to have committed it, and why corporations from MasterCard, Visa and Paypal to to PostFinance (the Swiss bank that held WikiLeaks’ funds), and even EveryDNS (the company that controlled WikiLeaks’ access to its own domain name) have wilfully collaborated with the US and other governments that want the site destroyed by any means necessary. The US, meanwhile, is holding WikiLeaks’ principal suspected leaker, Army Spec. Bradley Manning, for 52 years on charges of espionage, and now hopes to charge Julian Assange with the same crime.

And what crime has Assange committed? or Manning? or WikiLeaks as a whole?

The leaks site has dared to reveal the secrets of the global elites: the foul words and worse deeds that the elites would fain have kept from our sight. It is not that they now stand naked before one another — although this is embarrassing for them — but that they are now flayed before us: This is what mortifies and terrifies them. For after too many such revelations, they will be forever stripped of their mantle of omniscient authority, forever exposed to derision and defiance as we come to see them for the squabble of sociopaths, the Keystone Kreeps, that they are. And when that mantle falls away, they become vulnerable at last.

When this day comes — and it is not so very far away — the employees of the world, the real productive class on whose labor the wealth of the elite is founded, need not take up arms; they need merely lay down their tools. A global general strike will paralyze both industry and government, and a universal “No” will ring around the world.

*Originally published as a review of a article on Julian Assange.

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