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‘Rape’ retroactively redefined?

How the pathocratic elite hopes to destroy WikiLeaks

When WikiLeaks released diplomatic cables that showed the ruling elites of the world at their worst, it incurred the enmity of virtually every corrupt authority on the planet. This assures that the site will be the target of a global cabal resolved to obliterate it; and with what dissimulation, deception and duplicity they will pursue this object is illustrated by their own words as they appear in the cables.

Pionen's converted nuclear bunker, now used as a server farm.

Nuke-proof: Under threat, WikiLeaks stores its information on servers operated by ISP Pionen, in a converted Cold War nuclear bunker under 96 feet of granite in the Swiss Alps.
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To date, the authorities’ assault has been four-pronged.

The most direct line of attack is legal. This is why US and other governments have thundered about treason. They are trying to build a case by which to have national and international courts proscribe the site, although since Assange’s native Australia has not so far joined this chorus, the charge can have little weight; thus we may now expect considerable diplomatic pressure to be brought to bear on that country. Meanwhile, using such specious legal arguments, the US Department of Justice has ordered some US-based websites (notably to break off relations with the leaks site.

As Israel has done with its siege of Gaza, so the elites would now do unto WikiLeaks: to twist an economic garotte around its neck. Already, in addition to forbidding US-based websites to do business with WikiLeaks, they have cut off a principal pipeline of donations to the site by having Paypal deny services to it. They have also had the site’s legal defense fund frozen and its account closed in a Swiss bank on the risible grounds that WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had falsely claimed residence in Geneva; although the bank is known as among the easiest places in the world for foreigners to open an account under Switzerland’s banking-privacy laws, which have made the country a reliable resource for money laundering, this foreigner is now persona non grata. (In other words: Nazis and drug cartels? Ja! WikiLeaks? Verboten!)

WikiLeaks operates on the internet, so naturally the elites have not neglected the latter as a vector of attack. Hackers acting on their behalf have assailed WikiLeaks servers with denial-of-service attacks reaching the rate of 10 gigabytes per second. On the pretext of these attacks, DNS company revoked the “” domain, forcing the site to use an IP number in lieu of a domain until it established a new domain in, ironically enough, Switzerland.

Most insidious, however, is the fourth line of attack, which relies on the fourth estate for its effect: While propaganda against WikiLeaks itself has yielded only mixed results, the elite thinks it has found the site’s Achilles’ heel: Assange himself, who is now the target of a fusillade of calumnies duly reported and repeated by elite corporate-operated media.

The object of this assault is twofold: first, to identify the site as completely as possible with its founder, so that if Assange’s name is darkened, it will cast a shadow on the site as well; second, to find or create — a la Vladimir Putin — some scandal by which to destroy Assange. And what have they settled on to achieve this? An absurdity, as detailed on this page: Two Swedish women, one of them reportedly linked to the CIA, have accused Assange of “rape.” But the Swedish prosecutors apparently define the word rather differently than most of us; for them, it apparently includes fully consensual sex during which a condom used when intercourse began breaks (in one case) or is removed between sessions (in the other).

Just who seems to be getting raped here?

Originally published as a review of a article on Sweden’s convenient definition of the word “rape” as it pertains to Julian Assange.

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