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Retroactive ‘rape’?

Julian Assange a victim of character assassination

According to his attorneys, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, for whom a new Swedish arrest warrant on charges of rape was issued several days ago, is being maliciously maligned by prosecutors who know perfectly well that he committed no such crime but who wish to discredit him by filling the media with their allegations. The charges were originally filed in August, but the Swedish government concluded that there was no basis for prosecution and dropped the case shortly thereafter. Now, however, they have been renewed, compounding the harm to Assange’s reputation.

Distorted caricature of Julian Assange

Distorted picture: The Elect will apparently stop at nothing in their attempts at character assassination against Julian Assange.
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Today, as a result, the advocates say, one of every ten references to rape on the internet mentions Assange’s name and three of every four news stories about him also refer to “rape.” This is despite the fact that formal charges have never been brought against him.

What Assange is actually guilty of, says lawyer Mark Stephens, is simple indiscretion: He dated two Swedish women at the same time, until one day each learned of his relationship with the other. That’s when the “rape” charges were filed, and not before. Assange is guilty, then, of arousing jealousy, and this jealousy has been vindictively exploited by his political foes solely in order to darken his name.

Ultimately, however, WikiLeaks’ enemies cannot prevail. Even should they succeed in destroying Julian Assange, the project will go on. And in the process, they will create of Assange a martyr: a spectre that will haunt them and a symbol behind which the lovers of freedom will rally.

Originally published as a review of a article on efforts to discredit Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

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