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‘Insurance’ policy

Download this file in case of disaster

Visit this page if you want to download the WikiLeaks “insurance” file, created in case disaster befalls the leaks site. Warning: The file is over a gigabyte in size, and may take some time to download.

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Even if the worst should come, the idea that is WikiLeaks
will survive...
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Update: Premiums go up

Since this page was first published, in 2011, WikiLeaks’ so-called “poison pill” has become a small pharmacy. As of 29 April 2015, there are six such files, available here. Be advised that file sizes range from 1.39 to 325.39 gigabytes.

If asked, we will try to set up direct download links here, but since the download is in the form of a torrent, we are not currently set up to handle it. Meanwhile, you will have to find your anchorage in Pirate Bay.

Originally published as a review of a article on WikiLeaks’ “insurance file” with download links. Update: See above.

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