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Spymaster of State?

Among other revelations in WikiLeaks’ selection of US diplomatic cables published to date, it has become apparent that Hillary Clinton’s State Department functions as an auxiliary spy agency, using its access to foreign and United Nations officials to gather intelligence on them, including such secrets as their passwords and encryption keys.

Hillary Clinton

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton: eyes peering out
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Working as needed in conjunction with departments more traditionally assigned such roles, State appears to be advancing the neoconservative agenda in foreign policy: to use every available means to prolong American geostrategic primacy, pre-empting whenever possible any potential threat to that primacy. That it is also violating international law probably doesn’t much concern it; in fact, it is reasonable to surmise that the behavior revealed in the leaks has been going on for some time. Only now, when WikiLeaks has made State’s transgressions part of the public record, does the department need fear any repercussions.

What will happen next between the US and UN is uncertain. I predict a certain amount of feigned contrition and meaningless assurances of reform and self-correction on the part of the former, and a feigned (because coerced) forgiveness from the latter; unless more cables leak, it’s hard to imagine State ceasing to be the Department of Mata Hari anytime soon. As to WikiLeaks, on the other hand: Certainly it’s plain to see why Ms Clinton and her staff would dearly love to watch Julian Assange meet the same fate that befell Lord Llywelyn when he misdirected British soldiers in pursuit of Welsh rebels:

“We’re concerned, Mr. Assange, that your last meal may not have been properly cooked. As a special personal service, just for you, we’re going to correct that now. Mustn’t have you getting food poisoning, you know.”

Originally published as a review of an article on WikiLeaks and the State Department.

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