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A solid footing on the astral plane?

I cannot consider this conspiracy theory any more plausible than most of the Truther theories. Sometimes the part of true skepticism is to know when to take things at face value rather than creating a Ptolemaic astronomy with deferents and epicycles. Looking at the reaction from Washington to the revelations made by the diplomatic cables, as well as the content of some of the cables themselves, I think the rage against WikiLeaks is quite genuine.

Epicycles and deferents: the Aristotelian/Ptolemaic geocentric cosmology

Epicycles and deferents: the Aristotelian/Ptolemaic
geocentric cosmology...
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It is easier every day to find a conspiracy in everything, and then to find a counterconspiracy hidden within the conspiracy. By doing this, we are spinning our wheels and gaining no traction on the plentiful issues that we can all agree are real and significant. Very likely this serves the interest of the ruling elite by distracting dissidents from engaging in the battle against oppression as they bicker over whether other dissidents are actually agents provocateurs: Using the logic I see too much of on sites like this, perhaps I should cry “Conspiracy!”

(And, of course, there can be no more plausible source than Pakistani conspiracy sites that find the hand of the CIA in everything from the “moon landing hoax” to the maraudings of Hulagu Khan. The sole wonder here is that no mention has yet been made of the Illuminati.)

We know there are real fights that we have to win — enough of them and more. Let’s stop suspecting everyone and everything until there is irrefragable evidence on which to found such suspicions, and keep our attention on the objectively real issues.

Originally published as a review of a article positing that WikiLeaks is a CIA device to destroy internet freedom.

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