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Reputed WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning

Courage in uniform redefined

I have said this before, and I will repeat it whenever the question arises: If indeed Army specialist Bradley Manning released Pentagon and State Department secrets to WikiLeaks, he committed no crime. Rather, he told his fellow citizens of the crimes of their ruling elite, and for this he is to be jailed for fifty-two years.

'Free Bradley Manning' poster

“Free Bradley Manning” poster. (To view image at full size,
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One day, I suspect history will render a verdict: that Manning ought to be decorated as a hero of the republic; for he has acted, at great cost to himself, to succor that republic by restoring in what measure he could to the body politic the knowledge it must have in order to decide the policies of the United States.

Self-anointed experts who tell us that we should trust them because they know more than we spit corrosive contempt upon the principles that America holds essential and scorn us as inferior beings unequal to the conduct of our nation’s affairs. Manning has delivered a blow to this cabal that will resound for years; for this, he should be awarded a Medal of Honor for Conspicuous Courage in the Defense of Freedom in the Face of the Internal Enemy.

Originally published as a review of a Christian Science Monitor article on Bradley Manning.

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