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The strangulation of WikiLeaks

Possible motive emerges

When VISA and MasterCard stopped processing donations to WikiLeaks, there was immediate speculation that the companies might appear in an unflattering light in future releases of diplomatic cables. And evidence didn’t take long to appear: Already we find the companies on the receiving end of a financial favor from the White House, which lobbied in Russia to ensure that they needn’t face competition from a Russian credit service that would have cut into their profits.

WikiLeaks battles credit card companies

Paypal, VISA and MasterCard are all among the financial entities trying to strangle WikiLeaks, but the latter is fighting back...
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Although this act of fiscal sycophancy is more dishonorable to the government than to its beneficiaries, neither company can emerge from this untainted by the fetor of favoritism. Perhaps, then, it was in part as preemptive punishment, thanks to the companies’ guilty knowledge that WikiLeaks had embarrassing evidence to present against them, that the credit card duopoly applied a pecuniary garotte to the leaks site.

Now I’m waiting. I want to see if a future batch of cables will contain similarly mortifying revelations about Paypal, which has also acted to compress WikiLeaks’ financial airway.

Originally published as a review of a article on corporate financial attacks on WikiLeaks.

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