Last modified: 7:58 AM Saturday, 14 January 2017

Distilled hypocrisy

When Post Finance, a Swiss bank, tells us it has terminated business relations with Julian Assange and closed his WikiLeaks defense fund because Assange misled it by calling himself a Swiss resident, we may infer two things: It has done this under pressure to continue the economic strangulation that the elite intends to apply to the leaks site, and it is lying about the reason.

Bottled hypocrisy

This is before Post Finance finishes “processing” it.
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Consider: How many other holders of Swiss bank accounts are actually held to this standard? Bear in mind, as you answer, that Swiss banks have been notorious for over a century as safe places for international commerce and crime to store its funds precisely because they make it a point never to inquire too closely into the origins of either the funds or those depositing them. And given Assange’s international celebrity, it would be virtually impossible for anyone to open an account for him and actually believe him to reside in Switzerland.

Hypocrisy and lies: Here are the reasons why Post Finance was punished by Operation Payback with a five-day closure of its website, and why it can expect recurrences of this attack in the event of further such misdeeds. I do not condone these attacks, but it is certainly not hard to understand why they happened.

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